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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ding ding!

Someone emailed me a picture of a cable car near where I live. It's long gone now, along with most of the stores you can see in the picture. On my morning walk, we sit nearby here and drink coffee and eat blueberry muffins, which, if I'm lucky enough, will get a little piece of. They sure do taste great. Anyway, apart from the stupidly loud Harler-Davidson choppers that race by, and the busted up pickup trucks running on only 5 cylinders pumping out noxious fumes and crazy music, and the signs that have been painted over 79 times, and the permanent layer of smog in the mountains, and the sound of the police helicopter overhead, and the weird odor eminating from the guy that sells the chickens up the road, and the police/fire/ambulance sirens in the distance, and the Mexican lady hosing the barf off the pavement from last night at the bar next door, I imagine it feels much the same as it did when this picture was taken 56 years ago.


p.s. If you are the copyright owner if this image, thanks for scanning it and making it available for my blog.

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