after a bath

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out, damned testicles, out!!

Then I saw the silvery blade of his dagger withdrawn from it's scabbard, and with the foulest of thrusts, plunged into my junk. His fat-kidneyed fustilarian wench laughed with the loathsomest of noises from her hellish bowels and alas my balls lay, not from whence they came but upon his board. And when I beheld the sight before my eye I cursed them two "Thou beslubbering dizzy-eyed bitch-wolf heathens!!!" and they turned their paunchy open-arsed vassal selves toward my own way with not a pang of remorse nor regret, but merely the grin of scoundrels.



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  1. Phil, your eloquence is quite becoming. I will share your poetic-ness with all the dogs at the shelter whom will undergo your same surgery and hope that it makes them feel more refined.