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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I was almost bitten at the dog park

Today was my first time at a dog park, a fenced in area where I can run around as fast as I want with other dogs. Not 3 minutes after we got there a big dog growled and chased me and tried to bite me several times. It made Dad really angry because he screamed at the lady who owned the dog "Put your damned dog on a leash!!" but I think she was too much of a hipster to care because she replied ever so nonchalantly "He's not vicious", to which Dad said "Yes but I am!!" Then she took her dog and left. After I got over that little episode it was really fun playing with the other dogs and sniffing butts and stuff, and all the other dogs and their owners were really nice and friendly. Hopefully next time we go back the nasty dog and his ├╝ber-cool owner wont be there.



  1. Luckily Phil your alive and well. We love you and would be so sad if you were hurt in anyway.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  2. That sounds scary, Phil! I’m glad that it did turn into a dog fight If that happens, you and your Daddy might get hurt! But I hope that your next encounter would be light and mellow. I think you can be befriend him so that you will have another friend. Who knows, you and the other dog can form a pack!

    Nannie Leick