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Monday, April 19, 2010

bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Today, awesome, some guy came up the street yelling all sorts of abuse at everyone, really nasty stuff, stuff I can't repeat here. It turns out he's the husband of the the girl who's housesitting the place across the road. Charming family really, and even a small girl was involved, don't you just love meth addicts? He was trying to fight one of the other neighbors, who we'll refer to as Reginald Farnsworth winterbottom the third, until Ol' Reg stood up and he realized that Reg towered over him, so he started to talk to him about land rights and the homeless. I'm sure that was a riveting conversation. Then the police showed up and cuffed him and took him away in the black and white. Just in time too I might add, had he have come up to me it would have turned real ugly, real fast! Hey, I lived on the street too you know, and I can look after myself if I have to, just check out my guns! I guess the lady called the police first because one of the other neighbors did also, but he got a message saying that 911 was too busy at the moment to take the call. 911 too busy? I wonder who you'd call then? I've heard those messages that say "If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911" but what happens at 911? "If this is an emergency, hang up and pray?"

Anyway, this stuff rarely happens on my street they tell me, and I can only assume they're telling the truth, I guess it's all part of living in L.A.

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