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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Does eating penis make me gay?

Bull's penis anyway. The nice lady up the street gave me this thing called a 'bully stick' Basically it's about a foot long, brown, taste's like beef, is really hard, and is a bull's penis. I think it's meant for puppies who are teething, yeah that's right, we have baby teeth as well. It does work, I mean it helps with the teething pain, and it's recommended by vets and dog owners alike, but that doesn't hide the fact that it was once attached to an animal that used it for peeing and making nookie. It's a dilemma alright! Anyway I've decided not to chew it anymore until I get the the final word on the gay thing. And just for the record, I am not a homophobe, nor do I care who you pray to. Your taste in clothes bares no relevance in my day, and both hybrid and 100% gasoline powered cars are fine in my book. My view on race is only dependent on who's got the best food at the time, and I like old school thrash and punk.


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  1. i just found the blog and am devastated that it ended so long ago! come back phil! and to your owner... i'm loving ALL the blogs of yours i just found. including your photography website. great great great stuff!